Our Mission

PFP’s mission is to represent the European primary food processing industries’ interests, at the level of both European and international institutions. In order to fulfil its mission, PFP has three principal functions:

  1. To promote the European primary food processing industry’s views to the European institutions, international organisations and other interested bodies;
  2. To improve understanding of its operational requirements, especially in responding to Members of the European Parliament, European Commission’s consultative bodies and services, international organisations’ consultations and through liaison with other parties, in particular with the European farmers and partners in the food supply chain;
  3. To provide information and advice to its members on a wide range of common subjects.

Board & Committee

Board of Directors

  • Yves Goemans – Member of the PFP Board (EUVEPRO President)
  • Paul Mesters – Member of the PFP Board (CEFS President)
  • Harold Poelma – Member of the PFP Board (ECA Chairman)
  • Gary Sharkey – PFP Vice-President (European Flour Millers President)
  • Christophe Rupp-Dahlem – PFP President (Starch Europe President)
  • Roger Janson – Member of the PFP Board (FEDIOL President)

Committee of Associations’ Managers

Composed of the Secretary Generals or Director Generals of the member associations.

  • Jamie Fortescue – Starch Europe
  • Marie-Christine Ribera – CEFS
  • Catherine Entzminger – ECA
  • Laurent Reverdy – European Flour Millers
  • Nuria Moreno – EUVEPRO
  • Nathalie Lecocq – FEDIOL

The General Secretaries of the 6 member associations are responsible for the daily management of PFP.