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Towards a bio-based economy

October 2010:

The European primary food processing industry in the bio-based economy.

This second edition of the Primary Food Processors’ (PFP) Forum held today in Brussels was dedicated to assessing the pathways towards a bio-based economy and the role which different actors, including primary food processor, can play in supporting long-term industry sustainability and in transitioning towards a greener economy.

Important global challenges put pressure on us to enhance the sustainability of our production processes; they drive us to find adequate replacements for fossil resources” said Henri Rieux, President of PFP, “For our industry to fulfil its role, a coherent cross-policy EU approach is needed which is supportive of a transitioning of the economy”.

Primary Food Processors provide the link between agricultural production and downstream industries which produce essentially food and feed, but increasingly also renewable materials for pharmaceuticals, detergents, plastics, lubricants, fuels, paintings and other industrial products.

Increasing the use of renewable resources and promoting energy efficiency constitute a crucial part of the recently adopted EU flagship initiative:

EUROPE 2020, a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”.

A supportive policy framework is necessary and it will need to cover policy areas as numerous as research and innovation, climate change, energy, agriculture, food and feed, environment and trade.

Mr Rieux also stressed: “EU policy-makers and national governments must recognise that life sciences and new technologies, including biotechnology, have to be developed. A regulatory, institutional and societal environment has to be established that is supportive of a bio-economy and that demonstrates the benefits for the European consumer”.

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