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PFP Launch

June 2009:

Brussels, 3 June 2009

Today sees the launch of the Primary Food Processors (PFP), a new, European, cross food industry, organisation; designed to further enhance the understanding of the key role played by the first processing sectors in the whole chain.

“Our business environment is changing rapidly raising questions as to how to best address long-term agricultural and food supply issues, climate change and customer requirements” said Frank van Lierde, President of the Primary Food Processors.

“We have therefore decided to team up with a view to collaborate to find workable solutions and offer appropriate responses to these challenges.”

PFP is founded by four associations actively working with starch, sugar, vegetable protein, vegetable oil and meal products. Industries in these sectors transform raw materials into the vital ingredients for food, feed and non-food uses. To meet the current main challenges, member companies need access to agricultural raw materials that are available in sufficient quantity, that are safe
and of appropriate quality; they, hence, also focus on schemes set up to guarantee sustainability in agricultural raw materials supply.

As an essential part of the food supply chain the range of applications for PFP products is spread across many industry uses. Annually some 175 million tonnes of agricultural raw materials including cereals, sugar beet, oilseeds and soybeans are processed by more than 120 companies providing jobs to around 80,000 direct employees across 21 EU countries, into many hundreds of ingredients for European food and related industries.

Frank van Lierde added: “Our sectors have a key position in the food chain which gives us also a responsibility in addressing pro-actively emerging but also long-standing issues.”

The Association of the Primary Food Processors of the EU (PFP) is composed of:

  • European Starch Industry Association (AAF)
    Lorenza Squarci – Managing Director
  • European Committee of sugar manufacturers (CEFS)
    Marie-Christine Ribera – Director General
  • European Vegetable Protein Federation (EUVEPRO)
    Jean-Christophe Kremer – Secretary General
  • European Oil and Proteinmeal Industry (FEDIOL)
    Nathalie Lecocq – Director General
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