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New President of PFP

February 2012:

Brussels, 8 February 2012

Johann Marihart elected new President of Primary Food Processors.

Johann Marihart steps in as new President of the association of Primary Food Processors (PFP). Elected by the PFP General Assembly for a one-year mandate, he succeeds Yves Goemans, President of the Vegetable Protein Industry Federation (EUVEPRO), who has led PFP during 2011 and who now steps down according to the association’s rotating annual presidency.

Goemans was thanked for his work over the past year, and declared:

I wish my successor as President of PFP all the success possible in his work. PFP is the interface between the primary food processing sector and the European institutions and is active in various EU assemblies, such as the Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health of DG Sanco. PFP sectors are the link between agricultural producers and downstream food and feed industries and play, hence, a specific role in the food chain.

Following his election, Marihart, who is also President of the European sugar association (CEFS), declared:

I am very pleased to be elected as President of PFP and look forward to lead the Primary Food Processors association into its 4th year of existence. There are many challenges ahead of us as shown by current public debates on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, the increasing worldwide food price volatility and the delicate balance between being sustainable and remaining competitive with the rest of the World. I am nevertheless confident that together we are in a better position to face those challenges for the benefit of our sectors as well as the European economy as a whole.

Marihart will be supported by Hubert François, President of the European Flour Millers’ association (EFM), as Vice President of PFP, also for a one-year term.

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